Coding and Application Development

The National Telecommunications and Regulatory Commission, (NTRC) is currently hosting its third Annual Summer Coding and Application Development initiative, known as the MyApp Program.

The program which commenced on July 24th, aims to give Students in St. Vincent and the Grenadines an opportunity to learn more about developing Mobile Application Software.

The program will seek to introduce participants to ways in which they can utilize their acquired skills on a greater level, through forums such as the NTRC’s Annual i2 Competition.

Participants of the programme between the ages of 13-18 years, will also be taught how to code and design mobile applications.

This year, the program is being held at the Union Island and Petit Bordel Secondary Schools.

In 2013, the Commission launched its first Annual Ideas and Innovations Competition which seeks to encourage students to develop applications targetting the public sector.

Students are offered cash prizes up to EC$3,500.00 along with other prizes.

The programme is expected to culminate on August 25th.