Wendell Toney of Byrea, driver of an Omni Bus, is now a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, after losing his left leg, following an accident that occurred on Sunday, along the Stubbs Public Road.

According to a police report, the accident occurred around eight in the evening, following the collision of a Part Finder Jeep, H1277, owned and driven by Alan Alexander of Richland Park, which collided with a Passenger Van H754 – Driven by Wendell Toney of Byrea.

Two of the passengers who were at the time travelling with Mr. Toney, also sustained injuries. The Police said that the condition of both passengers is unknown.

The police is continuing Investigations into the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Meanwhile, Xavier Lynch of Lower Edinboro is now a person of interest in the ongoing investigation – into the death of 21 year old Kesroy King, the Sion Hill Resident who was killed on Friday 15th September.

The police said the two men who were previously in custody have been discharged, based on new Developments. A Post mortem carried out on Monday of this week indicated that Mr. King died from Multiple Stab Wounds. On Friday September 15th, Mr. King was involved in an altercation which lead to his death.

Mr. King’s death bring the total number of murders so far for the year 2017 to twenty five (25).