Gairy Construction Simple Boys, Hard Hitters, Warriors, Dr. Thomas Injectors, and Country Meet Town Out Ah Trouble Family won matches last weekend in the Hairoun/FLOW Greggs Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship at the Greggs Playing Field.

Gairy Construction Simple Boys defeated Hard Hitters by 63 runs.
The s cores: Gairy Constructions Simple Boys 142-9 off 20 overs (Kentish Phillips 64, Omarie Sutherland 3-20), Hard Hitters 79 off 18.3 overs Collin Williams 26, Elric Morris 4-9).

Warriors beat Extreme Strikers by 2 wickets in a match reduced to 12 overs because of rain.
The scores: Warriors 65-9 off 12 overs (Richard Jeffery 20, Lenroy James 3-16), Extreme Strikers 62-8 off 12 overs (Samriel Thomas 26, Winston Holder 3-14).

Dr. Thomas Injectors won from Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines All Starz by 14 runs in a match reduced to 15 overs because of a late start caused by rain.
The scores: Dr. Thomas Injectors 111-5 off 15 overs (Elroy Nanton 33, Kesron Ashton 33), Desmond Bramble 2-14, Ron Adams 2-23), Bank of SVG All Starz 97-8 off 15 overs (Glenroy Dasent 26, Desroy Lavia 3-12).

Country Meet Town Outah Trouble Family defeated Sion Hill Tallawahs by 3 wickets.
The scores: Sion Hill Tallawahs 86 off 13.1 overs (Wesrick Straugh 3-20, Sunil James 3-26), Country Meet Town Outah Trouble Family 90-7 off 15.4 overs (Sachski Weekes 32, Shamic Roberts 2-12, Shawn Williams 2-16, Shanley Lavia 2-17).

And Hard Hitters beat Shop for Less Clinchers (1) by 49 runs.
The scores: Hard Hitters 112 off 17.5 overs (Omarie Sutherland 34, Danroy Fergus 3-20), Shop for Less Clinchers (1) 63 off 14.5 overs, Omarie Sutherland 3-19).