The staff and students of the St. Vincent Grammar School are still celebrating today, after the School emerged victorious last night in the Finals of the 2017 Lions Club South/FLOW Secondary Schools Public Speaking Competition.

Jaykwarn Donald-Payne secured the winning trophy for his School, after receiving the awards for the Best Main Speech and the Best Student-Prepared Speech. For the Student-Prepared speech he spoke on the topic: The Importance of a Quality Learning Environment.

Alejandro Teso-rero of the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua took the second position, while Joel Ross of the St. Martin’s Secondary School was awarded the third position.

The award for the Best Impromptu speech went to Rayann Williams of the Mountain View Seventh-Day Adventist Academy, who spoke on the topic: Failure.

The other Finalists were Zoe Porter of the Girls High School, and Jozelle Henry of the Bishop’s College Kingstown.

For the main topic, the students discussed the topic: The Emergence of Donald Trump Politically, Has Fuelled A Frightening Set of Extremism in the USA, And to Some Extent Across the Globe.