In the Digicel/St.Vincent Brewery Breakaway Firms Invitational Football Championships, Toni Combined Stores defeated KFC 1-nil on Saturday afternoon at the Grammar School Playing Field where Jimmy Providence netted the only goal of the game.

A-DARE defeated System Three (2) 3-1 where Jaymarie Jack, Leston Gibson and Kamal Griffith netted a goal each for A-DARE, while David Holder scored the goal for System Three (2).

In addition, Largo Height defeated Unlimited Strikers 1-nil with a goal from Jaheim Kirby while Volcanoes FC won by default over Layou.

Also in the Firms Division yesterday, St. Vincent Brewery won by default from Digicel.

In the Agriculture Input Warehouse Under-16 Division, System Three (1) gained a 2-1 victory over Central Shooters. Matthew Jackson and Aeron Collis scored a goal each for System Three (1), while Silas Kirby netted the goal for Central Shooters. Richmond Hill won by default over Campdonia Chelsea.

C.W.S.A will meet St. Vincent Port Authority also at the Grammar School Playing Field today at 4.25 p.m.