A Youth Business and Entrepreneurship Training Workshop will take place later this month, targeting twenty-five students from the Barrouallie Technical Institute.

The students will gain first-hand knowledge and experience in business operations and entrepreneurship through the workshop, hosted by the Centre for Enterprise Development.

The Training Workshop will be held at the Barrouallie Technical Institute from November 13th to 16th under the theme, “Unlocking the Entrepreneurial Potential of Youth” and sessions will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

The Training Workshop will be facilitated by Business Consultant Mrs. Marlyn Richards.

According to CED Training and Education Coordinator, Keisha Phillips, the seminar forms part of their efforts at empowering more young people to pursue entrepreneurship as the alternative to unemployment.

The students will be exposed to information that will help them to identify business opportunities, requirements for starting a business and business planning, among others.

Among topics to be covered are Discovering the Entrepreneur in Me: Do I have what it takes?; Planning Your Small Business and Identifying Business Opportunities; Marketing Your Business; Record Keeping; Costing and Pricing; and Preparing a Business Plan.