Pyola FC are leading the points table in the Premier Division of the North East Football League, with NW All Stars at the top of Group “A” of the first Division, and Pride and Joy heading Group “B”.

Pyola on 12 points having won the three matches they have played up to last Sunday. They are followed by Sparta FC on 10 points from 3 matches with 2 wins and a loss. Biabou FC third on 10 points also, but from 2 wins, 1 defeat and a draw. Greggs FC are 4th on 7 points, Hairoun Ballers on 5, the same as SV United. Jebelles FC have 4 points, with Chapman FC and LP Boys on 3 points each.

NW All Stars head the standings in Group “A” of the first Division. They are on 12 points from wins in their three matches. Owia FC are second in 9 points (2 wins and 1 defeat), Progressive Fc are third on 7 points, with Carib Warriors on 6 points, Brownstown United on 4 and Lauders yet to score a point.

Group “B” of the first Division is headed by Pride and Joy on 12 points from wins in t heir three matches so far. World XI are on 9 points, Mt Grenan also on 9, DESCO on 6 points, Fancy on 3, while Knocker have not yet scored a point.