Stingers, Nice Radio Clinchers, CGM Ghalleger Novice and Gairy Construction Simple Boys, won matches on the weekend in the National Lotteries Authories Top Belair Progressive Organisation (TBPO) Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship at the Dauphine Playing Field.

Stingers defeated Jus For Fun by 4 wickets.
The scores: Jus For Fun 63-8 off 20 overs (Kezron O’Brian 3-8), Stingers 67-6 off 17.2 overs (Delbert Thomas 3-4).

Nice Radio Clinchers beat Dipcon Road Warriors by 73 runs.
The scores: Clinchers 174 of 18.5 overs (Desron Spring 32, Peter Richards 28, Vincent Cupid 22 (Damon Mason 5-54, Chester Keil 2-29), Dipcon Road Warriors 101 off 17.2 overs (Donroy Fergus 2-2, Roger Gibson 2 for no runs, Okeph Andrews 2-10, Peter Richards 2-16).

CGM Ghalleger Novice defeated Gomea Bombers by 10 wickets in the quarter-finals.
The scores: Gomea Bombers 94-9 off 20 overs (Osborne Franklyn 26 not out,
Sherlon Pompey 2-18, Norlan Williams 2-19, Christo Williams 2 for19), CGM Ghalleger Novice 97 without loss off 6.4 overs (Roderick John 53 not out, Newborne Joseph 29 not out).

Gairy Construction Simple Boys beat Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines All Stars by 37 runs.
The scores: Gairy Construction Simple Boys 160-3 off 20 overs (Jabari Cunningham 62, Xavique Alexander 42, Desron Maloney 24 not out, Glenroy Dasent 2-28), Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines All Stars 123 off 17.1 overs (Earl Pope 42, Kelvin Lorraine 20, Jabari Cunningham 4-26, Eldon Morris 2-30).