Miracle Arena for all nations hosts “Power Week” in SVG

Several persons benefited from the distribution of gifts last week compliments Prophet Dr. Kofi Danzo, Senior Pastor and Overseer of Miracle Arena for All Nations.

Prophet Danzo donated free fuel valued at fifty dollars for their vehicles, as well as fifty dollars worth in groceries at Randy’s supermarket.

Several individuals also received Christmas Hams, among other gifts.

This was part of the revival “POWER WEEK” from December 14th – 16th 2017, —- dubbed “A NIGHT OF SIGNS & WONDERS” under the auspices of Prophet Kofi Danso.

The three day revival convention was held at the newly opened local branch called, Miracle Arena St. Vincent, located on the third floor of the Russell’s Building.  The local assembly is headed by Pastor Noel Campbell.

The Church will be hosting an all-night Prayer Aervice from ten tonight.