In the CARIB/COMSPORT Top Belair Progressive Organisation Football Championship, COMPUTEC Older Boys went on a goal scoring spree beating Coreas Distribution Older Boys 14-1 on Saturday at the Dauphine playing Field.

The goals for COMPUTEC Older Boys were scored by Hance John (3), Leslo McKenzie (3), Kitosh Boucher (2), Cornelius Hugging (2), Wesley Charges (1), Cordel John (1), Delarno Morgan (1), and they benefitted from an own goal by Coreas Distribution Older Boys.

Coreas Distribution Older Boys goal was scored by John O-KAY-E-I.

In another match, COMPUTEC Dream FC beat Shooting Stars 6-1.

At the same venue this afternoon, 1998 Hillside Rollers will meet Street Kickers at 4:30.