A team of Consultants is here in St. Vincent to provide some recommendations on the establishment of a Medicinal Cannabis Industry here.

The four-member team from the United Kingdom and France was scheduled to meet with Government Officials and other Stakeholders today.

One of the Team Members is Dr. Jutta Roth – Chief Scientific Officer at Oxford Canna-binoid Technology, which is a Biotech Company based in the United Kingdom.

During an interview, Dr. Roth said the opportunity to be able to start a Cannabis Industry here is a tremendous breakthrough for the Government but she said proper clinical research must be carried out before the drug can be administered to patients.

Medicinal Cannabis Project Manager in Barcelona, Tony Levi spoke highly about the potential benefits of Medicinal Cannabis, as he has been treating patients with the drug for several years.

Earlier this month, the Government conducted testing of samples of Cannabis grown in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The tests were conducted by U.S. citizen Frederick Nesbitt III, who tested some ten samples in the presence of Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar; Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves; Acting Commissioner of Police Colin John, Executive Director of Invest SVG, Annette Mark, Healthcare Professionals and Members of the media.