Ministry of Education hosts Awards Ceremony

Students who excelled in the CPEA and CSEC Examinations will be rewarded during the National Awards Ceremony this afternoon.

The Ministry of Education will host the ceremony to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of the students.

The top performers, assessed under the CPEA model last year, will receive awards, as well as students who gained 11 or more CSEC subjects, the top performers in the various subject areas and the overall CSEC performer.

FLOW will also offer a special award to the most outstanding student at CSEC after remediation.

In addition to these individual awards, a few schools will be recognized – the school with the best CSEC results after remediation, the school with the most improved results and the school with the best results overall.

The National Awards Ceremony is one of the activities through which the Ministry of Education encourages scholastic achievement.

Prime Minister Gonsalves will deliver the feature address at the Ceremony which takes place at the Community College in Villa, from 1:30 this afternoon.

The ceremony will be broadcast live on NBC Radio.