The Pan against Crime Committee in collaboration with the SVG Gospel Fest Committee, through the South Leeward Zone, will be hosting the Annual Easter Gospel Concert, this Sunday April 15th, in Barrouallie.

Sunday’s Concert will consist of two segments, with the Pan against Crime Programme facilitating the first segment. The Police Band, Symphonix Steel Orchestra, Central Leeward Secondary Steel Orchestra, Bethel High School Band, Barrouallie and other Police Youth Clubs, are scheduled to render performances.
Pastor Brian Dennie of the Vermont Miracle Tabernacle will deliver an Exhortation.

The spotlight will then shift to the various Churches, groups and individuals in the South Leeward Zone of Gospel Fest, as they minister in song, dance and poetry.

The joint Gospel Concert is a continuation of the Pan against Crime Program’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, which began earlier this year.

From its inception of the program, the Pan against Crime Committee has sought the partnership and support of the Church, in its efforts to positively engage the nation’s youths, through the art of playing the steel pan, and assisting in sensitizing them on the benefits of staying clear of delinquent, violent and criminal conduct.

Sunday’s concert will be held at the Square in Barrouallie beginning at 5:00 p.m.