Vincentians are being advised by the Department of Trade in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade to exercise caution as it relates to the procuring of heavy equipment/heavy machinery from businesses operating from Shanghai China.

The Department said it has received a number of complaints from persons who discovered that several pieces of heavy equipment procured, were not the agreed equipment identified and ordered by the consumer from businesses operating in Shanghai China.

To this end, the Ministry is requesting that due diligence be conducted on suppliers of heavy equipment from the region of Shanghai, China since there is no legal guarantee or warranty on goods procured from that City.

In light of this the Ministry of Trade urged citizens to take all the necessary precautionary steps when making purchases from countries abroad by taking certain steps to protect their investment.

These include ensuring that the website/business which you are ordering your goods or services is reputable; and ensuring that there is a system in place for redress if the goods or services bought or agreed to be bought suffer from one or more defects.

Consumers should also ensure when necessary that there is a trustworthy intermediary to act on their behalf when purchasing goods or services overseas.