The St. Vincent Girls High School, The St. Vincent Boys Grammar School and the St. Martins Secondary School, are the overall winners in the Secondary school winners, for this year’s VINLEC National Science Fair Competition; while the Mustique, the Lower Bay Inc and the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary Schools were judged the overall winners in the Primary School’s Category.

With no particular order of First, Second or Third, all schools received trophies and a gift vouchers for their contribution at an awards ceremony held this morning – at the Peace Memorial Hall.

This year, twenty participating primary schools, 13 participating primary schools and a number of other institutions, were this morning recognized for their outstanding contribution, toward the Fair.

Some of the presentation of awards included Top Performing Projects in Each Category, Most Outstanding Project for Each Level, Most Outstanding Primary School Projects, Most Outstanding Secondary School Projects, Most Outstanding Open/Post-Secondary Level Projects.

A special award was also given to 70% – Go Creative Projects.

The students received awards for projects in Agriculture, Food Science, Computer Science and Robotics, Biology and Environmental Science, Behavioural and Social Sciences, Chemistry, Explanatory Models and Drawings, Physics and Engineering, and Mathematics.

This year’s science fair was held under the theme “Go Creative: Do Science.”