Skiddy Francis-Crick of Maple Club won yesterday’s National Netball Individual Shooting Competition scoring 58 of 65 attempts at the Kingstown Netball Centre at New Montrose.

Maryann Frederick with 56 goals out of 67 attempts was 2nd, and 3rd was Kristiana Christopher with 48 out of 63.

The Teams Shooting Competition was won by Twilight Trading X-CEED, 109 of 126 attempts, 2nd was Metrocint General Insurance Maple 94 of 123 attempts, and 3rd X-CEED Sports Club 84 of 110 attempts.

In the 3rd Division Knock-out Competition of the FLOW National Netball Championships, SVG General Services Maple defeated X-CEED Sports Club 28-14.

This afternoon at 5:00, Star Girls will meet SVG General Services Maple in the 3rd Division Knock-out, and at 5:45, North Leeward Starz will oppose French Verandah X-CEED in the 2nd Division Knock-out. The matches will also be at the Kingstown Netball Centre at New Montrose.