Churches across St. Vincent and the Grenadines are appealing to Parents throughout the country to have their children actively engaged in Church and other community development activities as a way to deter them from lives of crime.

The appeal was made by Bishop of the Upper Room Ministries, Juliet Campbell during the On The Beat Programme, aired on NBC Radio last evening, in the wake of a spate of shooting incidents here.

Bishop Campbell says the role of parents is to mold their children in GODLINESS from when they are babies so they can live positive lives.

She said if children are not taught about GOD from young then they will be easily led away by the ways of the world.

Bishop Campbell says more and more children seem to be growing up outside of the church and these are the children who grow into criminals most of the time.

She is making an urgent appeal for parents to get back to the church as well as for the church to do more to reach these vulnerable groups in the society.