The Ministry of Culture says activities which are being held to commemorate Emancipation Month, have been very successful thus far.

That is according to Chief Cultural Officer, Anthony Theobalds who said while a number of very successful activities have been held throughout the country, the Breadfruit Festival which was scheduled to be held in the Marriaqua Valley had to be cancelled due to unforeseen incidents.

He said however that North Leeward held its 14th annual Breadfruit festival last weekend and this was a huge success.

Mr. Theobalds said the Emancipation Month activities will climax in Stubbs on September 2nd with a Folk presentation.

Mr. Theobalds said the University of the West Indies Open Campus also held the Oscar Allen Memorial Emancipation Lecture earlier this week, as part of the Emancipation Month activities and this was very successful as well.