In the opening match of the Richland Park 9-a-side Football Championship, VUL-TE-REZ and Cane End will meet at 4:30, this afternoon at the Richland Park Oval.

Tomorrow afternoon at 4:30, Brotherhood will face Bucks Auto Rentals Titans F.C, and on Thursday afternoon, Francis Combined will meet Downstreet United also at 4:30.

Fourteen Teams are competing in two Zones which opened last Sunday. The Teams are: Greggs F.C, Country Meet Town Out-Ah Trouble, Francis Combined, Hard Ballers, Highlanders, Downstreet United and WAC-KAN-DA will compete in Zone “A”.

Zone “B” comprises of Cane End, Vulturez, Evesham, Brotherhood F.C., KE-BEZ United, Bucks Auto Rentals Titans F.C, and Top Strikers