In the Hairoun/FLOW/Sea Operations Greggs Men’s Twenty/20 and Women’s Ten/10 Softball Cricket Championships at the Greggs Playing Field last weekend, there were victories for United Survivors, Ball Burners, Hairoun North Leeward, Street Fighters, Owia Young Strikers and Gairy Construction Simple Boys.

In the Women’s Ten/10 Championship, United Survivors defeated Upsetters by 36 runs.
The scores: – United Survivors 117-1 off 10 overs (Cordel Jack 60 not out, Samantha Lynch 43 not out), Upsetters 81-3 off 10 overs (Klemisha Matthews 32, Cordel Jack 2-16).

Ball Burners beat Hairoun North Leeward by 33 runs.
Ball Burners 74-6 off 10 overs (Edelyn Turtin 24, Christal Trumpet 3-8), Hairoun North Leeward 41 off 5.2 overs (Edelyn Turtin 3-2, Zavian Stephens 3-22).

Hairoun North Leeward gained a 9-wicket victory over Upsetters.
The scores: Upsetters 69-3 off 10 overs (Ivy Browne 30 not out, Anica Porter 2-11), Hairoun North Leeward 71-1 off 8.2 overs (Christal Trumpet 35 not out).

The match between United Survivors and Ball Burners has been rescheduled.

In the Men’s Twenty/20 Championship, Street Fighters beat Log Enterprises Supreme Strikers by 8 wickets.
The scores: Log Enterprises Supreme Strikers 76 off 16.4 overs (Amall Francis 29, Antonio Barker 4-16 runs), Street Fighters 78-2 off 9 overs (Cedrick Thomas 41 not out).

Owia Young Strikers defeated Extreme Strikers by 9 wickets.
The scores: Extreme Strikers 79 off 17.2 overs (Nicolas Soleyn 31, Marcus Hackshaw 3-1), Owia Young Strikers 85-1 off 10.2 overs (Zancel Baptiste 35, Hyran Shallow 30 not out).

Gairy Construction Simple Boys won from CGM Gallagher Novice by 7 wickets.
The scores: CGM Gallagher Novice 111 off 20 overs (Elton Williams 31, Asborne Franklyn 3-5, Stein Joseph 3-15), Gairy Construction Simple Boys 114-3 off 18 overs (Stein Joseph 37 not out, Nicos Davis 21, Kenneth Lewis 2-32).