In the just concluded Barrouallie Netball Championship, Naomi Williams was the MVP of the senior Knock-Out finals, while KA-YIL-LA Miller took that award in the Junior Division which climaxed last weekend at the Hard Court of the Keartons Playing Field.

Marry-Ann Fredrick was the best shooter in the senior division; KAY-WANNA Charles the most outstanding defender and Miranda Spencer the most outstanding mid-court player. Christiana Christopher was the best shooter in the junior division; KA-YIL-LA Miller the most outstanding defender, and Trish James the most outstanding mid-court player.

MVP awards were also given out to the outstanding players of their respective team. In the junior division, Brenique Douglas for Buccament Bay Androids, Kayilla Miller for JLC Warriors, Debel Creese for JR Warriors, Elneka Francis for Star Girls 3.
In the senior division, Zoe Frederick for CW Construction Star Girls, Pearlitha Layne for Emerald Stars, Keisha Kirby for Green Hill Sports Club, Zipporah Millington for L.A. Avengers, Tamara Samuel for North Leeward Stars, Oneillya Ferdinand for Rangers, Damarus Dopwell for RSVGPF, Kaywana Charles for TCCU Star Girls, Azuba Delpesche for Warriors.

Five teams took part in the Junior Division, while nine contested the Senior Division.