Street Fighters defeated CGM Gallagher Novice by 2 wickets in the Knock-Out stage of the HAIROUN/FLOW/Sea Operations Men’s Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship at the Greggs Playing Field last weekend.

The scores: CGM Gallagher Novice 127 off 19.5-overs; (Cedric Thomas 3 for 19, Ozni Billingy 3 for 26), Street Fighters 133 for 8 off 17.4-overs; (Ozni Billingy 32, Andre Hunte 3 for 23).

In a quarter-final matchup, Israel Bruce Smashers won from Sion Hill Tallawahs on a faster scoring rate in a match reduced to 15-overs because of a late start and which ended prematurely because of poor light.

The scores: Israel Bruce Smashers 140 for 7 off 15-overs; (Glendon James 54, Glenford Woodley 38 not out), Sion hill Tallawahs 122 off 13.5-overs; (Erwin Williams 44, Anthony John 3 for 13, Keno Matthews 3 for 29).

Also, in the quarter-finals, Country Meet Town Out-AH Trouble defeated Street Fighters by 73 runs.

The scores: Country Meet Town Out-AH Trouble 156 for 5 off 20-overs; (Mikel Mapp 66), Street Fighters 83 off 17-overs; (Richie Richards 3 for 13, Asif Hooper 3 for 19).

Furthermore, Israel Bruce Smashers beat Owia Young Strikers by 8 wickets in the semi-finals. The match was reduced to 17-overs because of a late start.

The scores: Owia Young Strikers 98 for 5 off 17-overs; (Salvan Browne 35 not out), Israel Bruce Smashers 102 for 2 off 12.3-overs; (Delano Woodley 50 not out).