Two Vincentians – Franz George and Aria Laidlow, now serve on the prestigious Commonwealth Youth Council for the period 2018 to 2020. The Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) is the official voice of the young people across all Commonwealth nations.

The council’s aim is to further advance the youth development agenda by integrating young people into the development work of the Commonwealth at national, regional, and Pan-Commonwealth levels.

Franz and Aria both join the council highly qualified for their respective positions, and will serve on the Caribbean and Americas Regional Committee of the CYC. Franz was elected to the CYC executive as the Caribbean and Americas Region Representative in April of 2018.

As the Caribbean and Americas Region Representative, he will work to ensure that the voice of the region’s young people is heard. Aria was selected to serve on the Caribbean and Americas Regional Committee in November 2018. She was chosen for the position of Director of Program Development, and will lead the development of all CYC programs, especially those related to Climate Change and National Youth Councils.

The Commonwealth Youth Council will be undertaking an aggressive brand and project awareness campaign, to ensure all young people across the region are aware of the organization’s initiatives.