The Richmond Vale Academy is extending a helping hand, to 12 women who left the education system without any formal certification.

The women have received sponsorship to study organic farming, health, nutrition, climate change, community action and sustainability.

They will participate in the month-long, live-in programme at Richmond Vale Academy at Richmond, in the North Leeward area.The programme takes place in January 2019,and is financed by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.

Participants will be involved in structured courses and workshops and will gain hands-on practical experience through volunteerism and community service, as well as literacy, numeracy and computer training and information technology skills.

The Richmond Vale Academy is situated on 30 acres of land and practices low carbon, high biodiversity farming: which forms the base line for The Pass-It-On: Sustainable Model Garden Project.

A number of vegetables, herbs and fruits are produced in the intensive organic garden and the 1-acre food forest.