Nine persons who have made longstanding and significant contributions to the development of the Nine Mornings Festival, will also be honored at this weekend’s  Prize-Giving ceremony.

The nine are:  Everald Ince – Rose Bank; Gideon Lewis – Troumaca; Jennifer Richardson – Carriere; Leroy Llewellyn – Sion Hill; Ingrid Lavia – Owia; Pastor Errol Daniel – Streams of Power Church; Pastor Noel Clarke – Layou; Eden Gonsalves – Richmond Hill Gardens and Carlton ‘CP’ Hall – for Music

Saturday’s gathering will also feature the much anticipated announcements of the Best Nine Mornings Community; the Best Christmas Community; the Best Community on Parade; the Best Community Christmas Song and the Most Popular Local Christmas Song

This Saturday’s prize giving ceremony is expected to be the last official act for long standing Chairman of the Nine Mornings Committee, Michael Peters.

Mr. Peters, who has been involved in the development and management of the Nine Mornings Festival for the past 30 years, is stepping down from that post.

The Nine Mornings Prize Giving Ceremony is slated for this Saturday January 5th at the Peace Memorial Hall, from nine-thirty in the morning.