The Sustainable Grenadines Inc. (SusGren), after nine years of operation, will enhance its brand for 2019.

The trans-boundary Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), functioning between St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada has made changes to its logo which has been for many years synonymous with endeavours to improve the environment and the people of the Grenadines.  

The Organization says in a Media Release that its old logo and letterhead have been transformed to better represent the organization’s progression and to reinforce its commitment to the mission: 

‘To empower the people of the Grenadines to make wise use of their natural resources through environmental education and stewardship-building, sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation and strengthening of civil society organizations.’

A new website has been created which contains information on our programs, present and past projects, and more detailed information on who SusGren is as an organization. As members of the civil society, Sustainable Grenadines will continue to act as stewards of the environment and a voice for the people of the Grenadines.