Vincentians are being urged to exercise caution, when seeking to apply for a Turkish Visa online                                                      

The word of caution has come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade.

The Ministry says it has been brought to the attention of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Santo Domingo that there are fraudulent websites on the internet that are similar to the official site claiming to issue Turkish e-visas, or to offer visa services.

It warned that these fraudulent sites are deceiving persons by offering false e-visas which have no validity.

The Ministry said it is cognizant of the fact that these fraudulent websites hinder the work of the Turkish Embassy and cautioned the public to be vigilant when applying for Turkish visas. 

Persons are being advised that the only official means for obtaining a Turkish e-visa is through their website at www.evisa.gov.tr.

For more information persons can e-mail the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in the Dominican Republic at [email protected].