The National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority says it will continue with an extensive work program this year, to further develop and protect the South Coast Marine Park.

The South Coast Marine Park covers the areas Canash, Calliaqua, Indian Bay, Ratho Mill and Villa.

Climate Change and Natural Resources Management Officer at the Authority, Abena Whyte said steady progress is being made in developing these areas.

Whyte said they have been working with a number of schools, residents in the communities and other groups to educate everyone about what they can do to aid in the protection and development of the Marine Protected Area.

Mrs. Whyte said thus far the project has been progressing well and this year they will be scaling up their work.

Mrs. Whyte also outlined some of the work they will be doing during 2019 and she is encouraging residents in Canash, Calliaqua, Indian Bay, Ratho Mill, Villa and surrounding communities to ensure the continued development of the South Coast Marine Park.