The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade today hosted a Prize-Giving and Awards Ceremony for its 2019 Essay Writing Competition.

In the Envoys category of the competition, for participants 9-13 years, the first place went to Ajani Dyer of the Girls’ High School, while 2nd place was awarded to Jhamari Henry of the Lowmans Leeward Anglican School; and third place went to Jodee Glasgow of the Bishop’s College Kingstown.

In the Ambassadors category, for students aged 14-18 years, Milan Compton of the Girls’ High School was first; Mikayla Friday of the Girls’ High School was second, and Cimalon Alexander of the Community College was third.

Delivering remarks at this morning’s event, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sandy Peters-Phillips said the topics chosen for this year’s competition were intended to focus on this country’s 40th Independence Anniversary.