Close to ninety Police Officers are ow better equipped to deal with situations involving Mental Health patients, after receiving training organized by the Mental Health Centre.

Eighty-eight Police Officers were presented with certificates this week after participating in a workshop on De-escalating Skills in dealing with mentally ill persons.

The Workshop was spearheaded by Acting Senior Nursing Officer at the Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre, Sister Elizabeth Medford and concluded on Tuesday at the Old Montrose Police Lecture Hall.

During her remarks at the ceremony, Sister Medford said that the training is a significant step forward in the re-integration of Mental Health into Primary Care.  She said the Police Officers are now more knowledgeable, competent, and certified in the delivery of effective and efficient care to mentally ill patients. 

Sister Medford added that the Mental Health Department will continue to collaborate with the Police to ensure the smooth transition of the integration process. 

She congratulated all the Officers who completed the training and told them that they are making a difference in the eradication of the stigma that is attach to mentally ill persons.