The Fisheries Division in the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries said it will continue to provide training and other opportunities for local fisherfolk, as part of ongoing efforts to develop and sustain the fishing industry.

The assurance came from Chief Fisheries Officer, Jennifer Cruickshank-Howard, as she addressed Friday’s launch of the 2019 Fisherman’s Month of activities, which culminates on Fisherman’s Day-Whit Monday June 10th.

The theme for this year’s celebration is: Climate Change affects the Ocean, Fish responsibly to Sustain the Industry and the slogan is We Fish It, You Dish It. 

Mrs. Cruickshank-Howard said the Division will continue to deliver on its mandate to ensure the holistic development of the fisheries sector and the Ministry will also continue to seek partnerships aimed at providing opportunities for the enhancement of the fisheries sector.