In the FLOW/CARIB Marriaqua Softball Cricket Championship at the Richland Park Oval last weekend, Country Meet Town Out Ah Trouble (1) defeated Gomea Bombers by 9 wickets. Overs were reduced to 15 because of rain.
The scores: Gomea Bombers 96-6 off 15 overs (Bernard Bushay 46 not out), Country Meet Town Out Ah Trouble (1) 98-1 off 8.1 overs (Richie Richards 45).

Owia Strikers beat Ian Trucking and Block Making Fully Loaded Boys by 52 runs.
The scores: Owia Stikers 127 off 20 overs, Fully Loaded Boys 75 off 15 overs.

Hard Hitters defeated Street Fighters by 7 wickets.
The scores: Street Fighters 32 off 12.3 overs, Hard Hitters 36-3 off 11.1 overs.

Country Meet Town Out Ah Troubla (2) beat Sopranos by 4 wickets.
The scores: Sopranos 90 off 15.1 overs, Country Meet Town Out Ah Trouble (2) 91-6 off 18.2 overs (Sunil James 34 not out, Dennis James 4-19).

Gairy Construction Siple Boys defeated Sion Hill Tallawahs by 6 runs.
The scores: Gairy Construction Simple Boys 150-4 off 20 overs (Jaban Cunningham 50 runs), Sion Hill Tallawahs 144-7 off 20 overs (Asbert Franklyn 3-18).