Calypso Tent around the country have raised the fee to enter their Tent Shows for 2019.

Speaking at a press briefing which was held by the SVG Calypsonians Association last week, Representative of the Graduates Calypso Tent, Glenroy “Homie” Delplesche said they have raised their fee from ten dollars to fifteen dollars to address many of the costs of hosting the shows.

Mr. Delplesche said they will also be holding a number of Tent Shows outside of their Preliminary Judging Show as they seek to have the nation’s young drawn back into supporting Calypso music.

He said they will be staging their first show on May 28th, followed by another event on June 4th and the preliminaries will take place on June 11th.

Other Calypso Tents also revealed that they will be raising the fee to enter their Tent Shows for 2019.