Persons who will be serving as Shelter Managers during the 2019 Hurricane Season will receive training today, at a Shelter Management Training Workshop, organized by the  National Emergency Management Organization {NEMO}

The Training Workshop, is targeting Shelter Managers and their team members, and will be held at NEMO’s Conference Room from today to Thursday.

The objectives of the workshop are to train key personnel on the principles governing the Management of an Emergency Shelter and the Roles and Responsibilities of Shelter Management Teams and Shelterees.

The sessions will also look at ways of dealing with Psychosocial Issues that may arise during the activation of an Emergency Shelter and Child Protection in Emergencies 

The workshop will officially open at 8:30 tomorrow morning at the NEMO Conference Room.

It is being held with support from the SVG Red Cross Society and the United States Agency for International Development {USAID}, through its Office for Foreign Disaster Assistance {OFDA}.