A resident of Bequia is the first participant in a new training programme which has been launched by Scottish property developer the FM Group.

The Caribbean training programme is conducted in Scotland, and is intended to upgrade the skills of staff from the Caribbean, in various sectors such as construction, agriculture and hospitality.

The objective is to exchange knowledge and work practices and provide participants with new skills in a variety of environments, to help improve their expertise, both in the Caribbean and in Scotland.  Individual programmes last for six weeks at a time.

The first participant to travel to Scotland is 39-year-old Randolph Hackshaw, who has over 20 years’ experience as a Joiner, and currently lives on the Grenadine island of Bequia.

Mr. Hackshaw works as a Joiner for the FM Group, and was recently appointed as Maintenance Manager for the FM Group’s luxury resort “The Liming” in Bequia.   He has undertaken the programme to improve his expertise and also to help train his Scottish colleagues.

The Liming Resort in Bequia includes a five-star hotel, high-end beach cottages and villas with private beach, restaurant, marina and tennis court.