Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said while a lot of work is being done to educate people about the dangers of a Volcanic Eruption, more work needs to be done in this regard.

He made this statement during Tuesday’s opening of a Photographic Exhibition at the National Trust Building in Kingstown, exploring past eruptive activity at the La Soufriere volcano dubbed “Beyond the Ashes”.

Prime Minister Gonsalves said many Vincentians lives in what is termed as the Red Zone for a Volcanic Eruption.

He said as a result of this people must be adequately educated and sensitized about what they should do in the time of a Volcanic Eruption.

The Photographic Exhibition is being held under the Volcano-Ready Communities project which targets twelve communities in the high risk zones of La Soufriere.

The project is being administered through the Caribbean Development Bank’s Community “Disaster Risk Reduction Fund and is supported by the Canadian Government and the European Union.