Twenty families in Barrouallie will join the scores in other parts of St. Vincent and the Grenadines who are benefiting from Richmond Vale Academy’s (RVA) award-winning ecological farming in model gardens.

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives have given support to RVA to help

20 Barrouallie families establish its Pass-it-On Sustainable Model Gardens

The funding will support the continuation of efforts with 50 families in North Leeward who have these home gardens.

A release from the RVA said six of the 20 gardens in Barrouallie are nearly ready for start-up and families are excited to learn and farm without imported fossil fuel based chemicals that damage the soil directly and affects rivers and reefs through runoff.

The gardens, which are individually designed depending on the size and gradient of the land, often benefit from micro-climate created by the supporting vegetation.

They often include a seed nursery table, chicken coup and use rainwater for irrigation.

The Pass-it-On Sustainable Model Gardens teaches farmers to reduce soil erosion, with raised beds are constructed along contours on the hillside and supported by gliricidia tree logs or bamboo.

When these 20 gardens are completed in April, it will bring to 85, the number of gardens that RVA, with the support of multiple partners, has helped farmers in Fitz Hughes, Chateaubelair, Rose Bank, Troumaca, Rose Hall, Barrouallie and Fancy to establish.

RVA will take the technique to Layou, Buccament Bay, Vermont, and Sandy Bay before the end of this year and is hoping that a farmer will be sowing seeds in the 100th garden by the middle of the year.