There were victories for Jackson Trading One Team Richland Park, Belair Sunset Strikers, Richland Park Seventh Day Adventist Church, Glenside, and Country Meet Town Out-ah-Trouble Freeland in the Marriaqua Village Cup Twenty/20 Cricket Championship at the Cane End Playing Field.

Jackson Trading One Team Richland Park defeated Mt Pleasant by 22 runs.

The scores: Jackson Trading One Team Richland Park 133 for 5 off 20-overs; (Otis Hector 65, Ronieke James 33), Mt Pleasant 111 off 20-overs; (Israel Baptiste 30; Enrique Daniel 3 for 8, Sunil Pompey 2 for 23, Kelique Peters 2 for 24).

Belair Sunset Strikers gained a 3-wicket win over Bruce Law Chambers Smashers in match reduced to 15-overs due to a late start.

The scores: Bruce Law Chambers Smashers 106 for 6 off 15-overs; (Zyron Harry 40 runs; Travis Cumberbatch 3 for 12 including the 1st hat-trick of the Championship), Belair Sunset Strikers: 108 for 7 off 14-overs; Calvert Simon 30; (Zyron Harry 2 for 18, Cody Jarvis 2 for 22, St Lewin Gibson 2 for 28).