The Venezuelan Embassy hosted its first Spanish Reading Competition this week, to commemorate the 7th Anniversary of the death of former President Hugo Chavez Frias.

Students from the St Vincent Grammar School, the St. Vincent Girls High School, the Bishop’s College Kingstown, the St Martin’s Secondary School and the Bequia SDA Secondary School participated in the  competition with passages taken from the book Los Cuentos del Arañero”, a compilation of stories written by Commander Chávez based on his life experiences and that he shared with the Venezuelan people through the television program Aló Presidente.                                                                                              

The students chose a passage from the six selected for the competition, and were required to read the passage aloud to the Judges and the audience, demonstrating a good command of reading in the Spanish language; At the end, they answered a question related to the text to demonstrate their level of understanding of the passage read.                

Rheana Harry of the St. Vincent Girls High School was adjudged firs, ;  Tiffany Da Silva also of the St. Vincent Girls High School was adjudged second, and Mitchell Duharte Taylor of the St Martins Secondary School, was third.

The students received trophies, medals and certificates.

 Fifteen students participated in the competition, which was held yesterday at the Venezuelan Embassy.