A Cuban Medical Brigade consisting of four Doctors and twelve Nurses arrived in SVG last night.

The Ministry of Health said members of the team are Specialists in the control and management of infectious diseases and will work at this country’s Isolation Centre.

The Cuban medical personnel would also assist with additional and ongoing training for local health professionals. The Brigade is expected to be here for 3 months in the first instance subject to renewal.

The Ministry of Health said it is continuing to carry out tests for COVID-19.   The Ministry said 31 tests have so been conducted, and there is still only one confirmed case.

The Ministry said all the other results were negative, including the results for the patient who was recently transported to the Kingstown     Flu Clinic in an isolation chamber by individuals wearing protective gear. There was also a repeat test for the patient who originally tested positive. That repeat test was also negative.

Minister of Health Luke Browne is meeting today with the Taiwanese Ambassador to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, to finalize details of an assistance package.

Minister Browne has indicated that he would make a media statement this afternoon to provide information on aspects of the health response to COVID-19.   

The Minister of Health has also disclosed that Parliament would debate Supplementary Estimates related to the coronavirus pandemic next week Tuesday March 31st.