Vice-president of Cricket West Indies (CWI), Dr. Kishore Shallow said that the current delay in payments to regional cricketers is related to outstanding revenue collections.

The international men players have not been paid their match fees for the home series against Ireland in January and the Sri Lanka tour in February to March.

There is also a delay in the payment to domestic players with those who are on retainer paid up to date, while the pay-for-play players are awaiting the fees that they would have expected at the end of February.

Dr. Shallow said “Considering the current circumstance of the COVID-19 pandemic, CWI is fortunate to be able to mitigate the challenges and sustain payroll up to this point. While we have outstanding match fees for players, which would be honoured as soon as we have sufficient collections over the next few weeks, we are pleased that all retainers for players, which is the majority of remuneration are up to date, as of March 2020.”

He added “We have been able to pay our staff at the secretariat and I held a meeting with the CEO Johnny Grave on Thursday, and he has indicated that come the end of June, we should be in a better position to pay all those who are still owed. The domestic players on ‘pay for play’ would normally get their money one month after. This means that normally they would have looked forward to their payment in March, so we are just one month late on that so far but we are working to have this resolved.”

Dr. Shallow said that given the current circumstances where people don’t know where their next dollar was coming from, CWI had done well in terms of making payments.