A series of Awareness campaigns will be held in several Communities later this year to sensitize Vincentians on key aspects of the Child Justice Act.

This is among activities planned to coincide with Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month, which is being observed in April.

Minister responsible for Family Affairs, Frederick Stephenson stressed the importance of bringing greater awareness to child abuse and neglect, as this continues to affect too many children and families in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Minister Stephenson said every child has a right to a safe childhood, free of violence, and it is time to start the conversation in our homes, churches and communities about how to keep Children safe.

This year, the Child Development Division has chosen the theme: “See! Suspect! Say! Stand Against Child Abuse! to inform the general public of its duty to report suspected child abuse or neglect.

Last year the Child Protection Unit received approximately 237 reports of children being abused or neglected.

Approximately 34 percent of the reports were classified as victims of child neglect; 33 percent as victims of physical abuse; 17 percent as victims of sexual abuse and 16 percent as victims of psychological abuse.

Minister Stephenson is encouraging the public to wear Blue Ribbons in solidarity with child abuse victims.

Minister responsible for Family Affairs, Frederick Stephenson.