The St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited VINLEC, said the Fuel Surcharge rate applicable on electricity bills for May 2020 is at its lowest in over two years.

VINLEC said customers will see a 26% decrease in the Fuel Surcharge Rate from last month’s bill, as the rate applicable on this month’s bill is 26.74 cents per unit, the lowest since November 2017.

The company said the decrease in the Fuel Surcharge rate is reflective of the decrease in prices on the international market.

Additionally, VINLEC is reminding customers that for the months of May and June, the Company is providing a COVID-19 relief discount of 15% on the basic energy charge. This discount was first applied on April bills and no VAT will be applied to electricity accounts for domestic customers, hotels and guest houses for these months.

VINLEC said it will also waiver the reconnection fee for customers whose accounts have been disconnected. The company encouraged customers who are directly impacted by the financial fallout of COVID-19 to contact its Customer Services Department for matters relating to payment on accounts at [email protected], or call toll Free at 377 or 456-1701.