Can COVID-19 cause a possible spike in child abuse ?

Local Child Protection Officer, Sandra Augustus said many children face the risk of domestic abuse during this period, when everyone is  at home due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

She made the point during the UNICEF Radio COVID-19 Program  aired on Tuesday, which focuses on how parents can protect, support and encourage Children throughout COVID-19.

Mrs. Augustus said with many people frustrated due to the Novel Coronavirus and the Social Distancing and lockdowns taking place, it is easy for adults to forget the needs of children as domestic abuse can take many different forms.

She said some of the main risk factors of Child Abuse are: Social isolation, unemployment, lack of access to resources, parenting stress and family stress.

Miss Augustus said signs of child abuse can be hard to detect at times and she outlined some of the signs that persons can look for to determine if children are being abused.