The Ministry of Agriculture has begun the process of reviving local citrus stock


The Ministry of Agriculture yesterday commenced the distribution of some 1,000 grafted citrus plants, along with rough lemon rootstocks to Farmers, as part of the ongoing thrust to revive local citrus stock

Citrus production in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has declined in recent times due to the presence of the citrus greening disease.

The disease was first detected in 2010 on the Grenadine Island of Canouan.  From there, it spread throughout the mainland.

The bacteria that infects the citrus trees is spread by a small insect, called the citrus psyllid.

The Ministry of Agriculture has employed a variety of methods to manage the disease, including chemical and nutritional spraying, and the importation of natural enemies of the citurs psyllid.

The Ministry also carried out capacity building programs for Farmers and Technicians and constructed a new propagation greenhouse.