Police urges Vincentians to adhere to COVID19 protocols

The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is again urging citizens to act responsibly, and adhere to the recommended health protocols to curb the spread of the COVID -19 virus.

The Police Force made the appeal, following the lifting of the ban on the playing of amplified music and the supplementary protocols for the managed conduct of mass gatherings with or without amplified music which was implemented from Friday July 10, to Friday July 31, in the first phase.

The Police Force said it has received information that some operators/owners of places of entertainment, including bars, nightclubs and others – have failed to insist that their patrons comply fully with the recommended protocols; especially with respect to contact tracing and wearing of face coverings.

The statement from the Police pointed out that contact tracing is a vital tool in the fight against COVID -19 virus. Consequently, all event organizers are strongly encouraged to record the names and contact numbers of each person entering the event. This information must be securely stored by the organizer for a period of 28 days to aid the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment to trace persons who attended the event if necessary. Face coverings must also be worn at these events.

The Police are appealing to Vincentians to stay safe and act responsibly at all times.