Individuals wishing to vote must be living within that constituency for a period of six months or more

The Electoral Office has reiterated that an individual has to be living within a constituency for a period of six months or more before they can apply to be transferred to vote within that constituency.

This statement was made by Supervisor of Elections, Dora James during the Face to Face program aired on NBC Radio yesterday.

Mrs. James said once a person meets all the qualifications to be eligible to vote they can transfer to another constituency to vote once they lived within that constituency for six months or more.

She is appealing to members of the public to work closely with the Electoral Office if they are aware of cases where people are breaching this law.

Meanwhile Deputy Supervisor of Elections, Sylvester King said the Electoral Office has forms where people can state their objections to other people transferring to different constituencies to vote.

He also outlined that there is a legal process to be followed before someone can be transferred to vote in a different constituency.