Updated Bulletin on the La Soufriere Volcano as of June 9th 2021

The UWI Seismic Research Centre, SRC, says several lahar signals were recorded by the monitoring network from June 5th-7th. Most occurred in the valleys on the western flank (leeward side) of the volcano. Steaming from the volcano summit due to degassing and other interactions can be seen from the Observatory, once the summit is not obscured by low cloud.

 Thermal anomalies continue to be detected. The Centre says these anomalies do not indicate an explosive event is imminent, but that there is a source of heat, most likely from a small body of magma left over from the eruption, that is still close to the crater floor.

Seismic activity at the volcano has remained low since the tremor associated with the explosion and ash venting on 22 April, with only a few earthquakes being recorded.
The volcano continues to be in a state of unrest, and escalation in activity can still take place with little or no warning.

The alert level remains at Orange.