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The Ministry of Culture says activities which are being held to commemorate Emancipation Month, have been very successful thus far. That is according to Chief Cultural Officer, Anthony Theobalds who said while a number of very successful activities have been held throughout the country, the Breadfruit Festival which was scheduled to be held in the… Continue Reading →


The Rabacca Recreational Park will be re-named the Chatoyer National Park, at a ceremony set to take place tomorrow, Wednesday August 1st, Emancipation Day. Chief Cultural Officer, Anthony Theobalds said the move is significant, as efforts continue here to celebrate the achievements and legacy of National Hero, Chief Joseph Chatoyer. Chief Cultural Officer, Anthony Theobalds… Continue Reading →

Digicel SVG Gospel Festival 2018

On Sunday April 1st, the Digicel SVG Gospel Festival will officially open and will feature outstanding local gospel artistes such as Pastor Shirley Browne, Keevin Jackson, IPA Dancers, Caywama Edwards, Ronnie Richardson, Kara Dance Ministry and Clarity Gospel Band. Some of the leading gospel artistes in the Caribbean will be guest artistes for the show… Continue Reading →