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Police are continuing investigations into the death of Spiritual Baptist Bishop Ian Enoch, whose body was found in the Argyle area on Saturday morning. Bishop Enoch who is also the Manager of the Going Places Travel Agency is reported to have attended a function in the Villa area Friday night after which he could not… Continue Reading →


This year’s North Leeward Breadfruit Festival will be held on Saturday August 18th at Mission Corner in Chateaubelair under the theme “The Versatility of Breadfruit, the Super Fruit”. Member of the North Leeward Tourism Organization and Public Relations Officer of the North Leeward Breadfruit Committee, Cuomo Pierre says preparations for the festival are progressing smoothly…. Continue Reading →

Ministry Of Transport And Works Says Work Is Continuing On The Hope Bridge In Chateaubelair

Word of this has come from Chief Engineer in the Ministry of Transport and Works Brent Bailey, who highlighted that this work is being carried out by the contingent from Ecuador. Mr. Bailey said while they have been facing a number of challenges on this project, the work is continuing. Mr. Bailey said they are… Continue Reading →

Brent Bailey And Major Manuel Querembas Address At The Chateaubelair Bridge

Chief Engineer in the Ministry of Transport and Works, Brent Bailey says extensive work will have to be carried out to rehabilitate the Chateaubelair Bridge. Addressing the ceremony on Tuesday, Mr. Bailey explained that the reconstructed bridge would be more resilient to future severe weather events. And the head of the Ecuadorian Army Corps of… Continue Reading →